twelve New York-based jazz bands

led by drummer chuck braman

available for jazz clubs, concerts, restaurants, nightclubs, events, weddings

Vibraphonist Behn Gillece

vibraphone trio


If you think we sound terrific on these videos, recorded immediately after our first gig together, you'll be amazed when you hear us now! Featuring a unique repertoire of jazz and Brazilian compositions when performing in jazz clubs and for concerts, combined with  Great American Songbook standards when performing for  weddings and corporate events. Also available as a quartet with the addition of guitar or piano  (see the quartet section below).

Guitarist Nate Radley

guitar trio 1


This particular trio has performing together for about ten years now. Our style is the modern jazz of the 1950's through the 1970's, with music ranging from Thelonious Monk (video 1) to Pat Metheny (video 2) when performing in jazz clubs and restaurants, mixed with  Great American Songbook standards when performing for weddings and corporate events. Also available in two other configurations: as a quartet with the addition of either a piano or a second guitar (see the Quartet section below.)

piano trio 1


I've been playing with this terrific  pianist for almost 30 years now.  Surprisingly, he's also an accomplished wedding bandleader when he's not busy performing as a sideman in some of the top jazz bands in New York. Equally adept at performing my  piano trio repertoire, playing standards, or saving my behind while subtly "co-leading" one of my  wedding gigs, he's a great musician that I know I can count on musically and professionally.

Pianist Gary Versace

piano trio 2


This trio prominently features the compositions of Bill Evans and Antonio Carlos Jobim, performed in a highly interactive style. Since we began our  musical association over ten years ago, this pianist has become an internationally recognized figure who frequently tours the world as a sideman under the leadership of some of the most renowned bandleaders in jazz.

Pianist Ron Oswanski
Guitarist Khabu Doug Young

guitar trio 2


The first time I made music with this incredible  guitarist we experienced an immediate and special rapport. Khabu is among the most creative and empathetic musicians I've made music with, always listening, reacting, and inventing. In addition, we share a mutual love of the music of Thelonious Monk, which I think Khabu happens to play better than just about anyone other than Monk himself, so I've made Monk's music, including his lessor-known tunes, the focus of our repertoire.

Saxophonist Chris Bacas, guitarist Tom Guarna, bassist Thomson Kneeland

saxophone quartet


This  quartet's repertoire is the most challenging of all of my groups. (In fact, one of NYC's most highly regarded saxophonists, filling in one evening, flatly refused to solo on one of our tunes on the grounds that it was too difficult). While this is the first musical project I ever organized, the personnel has evolved over the decades into its strongest lineup ever. Especially suited to jazz clubs, but often called to perform at weddings and corporate events as well.

Vibraphonist Behn Gillece

vibraphone quartet


This band's repertoire is a mix of jazz and Brazilian music chosen to suit the sound of the vibraphone. This group is in heavy demand, from concerts to corporate events. These videos document one of the first opportunities we had to play together; if you like these, you'll like us even better now!

Guitarist Khabu Doug Young, bassist Matt Clohsey, drummer Chuck Braman, guitarist Nate Radley

guitar quartet


This band is a combination of my two jazz guitar trios. These guitarists are two of the most empathetic listeners I've ever made music with. Combine that with the fact that they share a similar aesthetic, while each having a completely distinctive style, and you have a  band with a unique chemistry and concept. This is the kind of group I could have only created in New York, because the possibility of finding  two such ideally compatible guitarists requires a huge pool of potential musicians to draw from.

Pianist Gary Versace, guitarist Bruce Saunders, drummer Chuck Braman, bassist Yosuke Inoue

guitar quartet 2


This is a third permutation of my quartet devoted to guitar-based music. When budget or space is a consideration, the guitar trio is an ideal group (see above); when budget or space allows, the "double" guitar quartet (see above) is a great variation; and when a venue has a piano, I recommended this version of my guitar band, which features guitar in the front line supported by piano.

Saxophonist Dave Rickenberg, trumpeter Bill Mobley

trumpet-saxophone quintet


This devoted quintet has been together for over a decade now, performing a style reminiscent of the mid-'60s Blue Note records sound, with a special emphasis on the compositions of Kenny Dorham. This is my most popular band during summer concert season, enthusiastically brought back year after year by the promoters of events throughout New York, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Saxophonist Karel Ruzicka, Jr., vocalist Hilary Gardner, pianist Art Hirahara

vocal-saxophone quintet


I created this ensemble as the ultimate jazz wedding/jazz standards band, but it has proven quite popular for restaurant gigs and corporate events as well. I've been fortunate to work with many of the best jazz vocalists in New York City in recent years, so that in addition to the great singer featured in this video, there are many other permutations of this group available. Our focus is on the Great American Songbook, i.e., recognizable, classic standards.

Bassist Nicki Parrott

vocal-piano trio


This is by far the most popular of my bands, obviously owing  to the talent and charisma of the vocalist-bassist that is its musical focus. She also has a great repertoire of both popular songs and others that are somewhat obscure but cool (like the Peggy Lee number she chose for video 2). This band mostly plays weddings, corporate events and private parties and  always receives superlative feedback.

vocal-piano trio 3


A first-rate jazz pianist that I would be happy to use on purely instrumental gigs, a first-rate vocalist that I regularly add to my instrumental bands, and a fun, humorous person who is completely comfortable in her own skin and in front of an audience—a great  combination.

Brazilian vocalist Monika Olivera
Brazilian vocalist Monika Olivera

vocal-piano trio 2


This vocalist-bassist is a new and wonderful addition to my roster of musicians that I love to play with. A serious and accomplished jazz bassist, as a vocalist she has a wide range of standards in her repertoire, and as a professional she couldn't be nicer or easier to work with.

Brazilian vocalist Monika Olivera

brazilian jazz quartet


I've been an aficionado of Brazilian popular music for almost as long as I've been an aficionado of jazz. This group is a special project of mine that  combines both of these styles and repertoires  together, united by the aesthetic commonalities that both musics share.

Brazilian vocalist Monika Olivera

vocal-piano trio 4


Another great  vocalist-bassist! I'm running out of commentary, so I'll let our music speak for itself!


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